Microlepidoptera on Solanaceae



Atomopteryx Walsingham, 1891

Type species: Atomopteryx doeri Walsingham, 1891


  • Stenoptycha Zeller, 1863
  • Zellerina Torre y Callejas, 1958


Atomopteryx includes ten described species distributed in South American and the Caribbean. The genus has not been revised, and although some differences are evident in wing pattern, reliable identification requires dissection. The genus is closely related to Lineodes. The wings of Atomopteryx are solidly brown without contrasting areas of white or dark brown. In the hind wings, one of the veins from the lower cell is absent, so three veins arise from the lower edge of the discal cell. Lineodes species generally have more complex wing patterns and all hind wing veins present. Pterophorid plume moths are also similar, but they differ in having wings divided into two or three lobes and lacking scales at the base of the proboscis. Only the Nearctic species, A. solanalis in Florida, is treated here.


Barnes and McDunnough, 1913