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About LepIntercept

Welcome to LepIntercept - An identifcation resource for intercepted Lepidoptera larvae. Lepidoptera is one of the largest and most economically important orders of plant eating insects. Thousands of Lepidoptera are considered pests, and each year large numbers of these species are intercepted at U.S. ports of entry as larvae. LepIntercept is a comprehensive resource for identifying intercepted Lepidoptera larvae and includes identification keys, detailed fact sheets, tutorials on larval morphology, information on studying Lepidoptera larvae, a full glossary, and a complete set of references.

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Larval Morphology

Visit the Larval Morphology page for an illustrated tutorial of Lepidoptera larval morphology.

LepIntercept Keys

Visit the Keys page to access the interactive and dichotomous identification keys.

  LepIntercept - An identification resource for intercepted Lepidoptera larvae
  by Todd M. Gilligan and Steven C. Passoa
  Identification Technology Program (ITP), Fort Collins, CO. Last updated February 2014.