Stephanitis Stål 1873

Type species: Acanthia pyri Fabricius

Diagnostic characters

Head short, clypeus not surpassing apical half of first antennal segment; cephalic spines present or absent; bucculae open or closed anteriorly; rostral sulcus uninterrupted by a transverse carina; pronotum tricarinate, height of median carina at least 3 times greater than height of lateral carinae; pronotal hood bulbous, extending forward beyond the apex of head, compressed anteriorly in dorsal view; paranotum expanded, oriented subvertically, without marginal row of spines, anterior margin projecting anterad; paranotal basal folds absent; hemelytra with claval area weakly developed, almost entirely covered by posterior margin of pronotum; discoidal area level, not reaching the middle of hemelytra; hypocostal laminae extending to the apex of abdomen (Hurd 1946).


Afrotropical, Australasian, Nearctic, Neotropical, Oceanian, Oriental, Palearctic (Drake and Ruhoff 1960)

Interceptions at US ports of entry 1984 to 2018

Intercepted species Shipment origin(s) Inspected commodities
Stephanitis nashi Esaki & Takeya Japan Pyrus pyrifolia
Stephanitis pyri (Fabricius) Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Iran, Italy, Kyrgyzstan, Portugal, United Kingdom Citus limon, Citrus sinensis, Citrus sp., Diospyros sp., Malus sp., Malus sylvestris, Pittosporum sp., Punica granatum, Vitis sp., stone product-limestone
Stephanitis pyrioides (Scott) Canada, Japan, Philippines Annona muricata, Annona sp., Persea sp., Rhododendron sp.
Stephanitis takeyai Drake & Maa Italy, Kenya, Netherlands Delphinium sp., Pieris japonica, Pieris sp.
Stephanitis typica (Distant) Bangladesh, Philippines, Thailand, Viet Nam Litchi chinensis, Musa sp., Zingiber sp., unknown genus in family Orchidaceae
Stephanitis sp. China, Colombia, Ecuador, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Netherlands, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand Annona muricata, Annona sp., Bougainvillea sp., Chrysanthemum sp., Cymbopogon sp., Delphinum sp., Diospyros sp., Helianthus sp., Limonium sp., Moringa pterygosperma, Musa sp., Pieris japonica, Psidium guajava, Punica granantum, Strelitzia reginae

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