Fact sheets in this tool describe 50 genera of lace bugs, but they also include photos and interception information for many more species within those genera.

While a fair number of Tingidae are intercepted at U.S. ports of entry, about 46% of the species make up most of the named records. 74 taxa listed in USDA’s pest interception databases (see chart below) comprise 96% of Tingid interceptions.

Among all Tingid interceptions, those identified just to the family level of Tingidae account for nearly 25% of records, while Corythucha gossypii and Corythucha sp. interceptions together comprise about 30%.

The following taxa are those species and genera comprising 96% of interception records as of May 4, 2020. Species listed are ranked by number of interception records, in descending order; species not shown have been intercepted only one or two times. Actual interception numbers through May 4, 2020 for the species shown range from nearly 700, to 3.

Pest Rank
Corythucha gossypii (Fabricius) 1
Tingidae 2
Corythucha sp. 3
*Galeatus scrophicus Saunders 4
Pseudacysta perseae (Heidemann) 5
Corythaica carinata Uhler 6
Teleonemia sp. 7
Monosteira unicostata Mulsant & Rey 8
Corythucha morrilli Osborn & Drake 9
Cochlochila bullita (Stål) (Tingidae) 10
Teleonemia scrupulosa Stål 11
Atheas fuscipes Champion 12
Corythucha marmorata (Uhler) 13
Dictyla monotropidia (Stål)
Leptodictya tabida (Herrich-Schaeffer)
Stephanitis sp.
Acanthocheila armigera (Stål) 15
Stephanitis takeyai Drake & Maa 16
Atheas nigricornis Champion 17
Leptopharsa sp. 18
Corythaica cyathicollis (Costa) 19
Atheas sp. 20
Phatnoma sp. 21
Stephanitis pyri (Fabricius) 22
Corythucha fuscomaculata (Stål)
Euaulana ferritincta Drake
Leptodictya bambusae Drake
Gargaphia iridescens Champion
Gargaphia sp.
Stephanitis pyrioides (Scott)
Corythucha fuscigera (Stal)
Dictyla echii (Schrank)
Dictyla sp.
Lasiacantha hedenborgii (Stal.)
Leptoypha sp.
Leptodictya plana Heidemann
Leptodictya sp.
Stephanitis typica (Distant)
Tingis sp.
Urentius euonymus Distant
Cysteochila incolana Drake
Dichocysta pictipes Champion
Stephanitis nitor Drake & Poor
Corythaica sp.
Corythucha ciliata (Say)
Corythucha globigera Breddin
Dictyla parmata Distant
Teleonemia sacchari (Fabricius)
Tingis cardui (Linnaeus)
Vatiga illudens (Drake)
Acalypta sp.
Galeatus sp.
Teleonemia nigrina Champion
Teleonemia prolixa (Stal)
Tingis strictula (Puton)
Acalypta parvula (Fallen)
Corythucha arcuata (Say)
Euaulana sp.
Lasiacantha sp.
Leptobyrsa decora Drake
Leptopharsa clitoriae (Heidemann)
Phatnoma marmorata Champion
Ulotingis brasiliensis (Drake)
Acanthocheila sp.
Chorotingis indigena Drake
Corythaica caestri (Reed)
Corythucha cydoniae (Fitch)
Corythucha hispida Uhler
Cysteochila sp.
Elasmotropis testacea Herrich-Schaeffer
Eocader bouclei (Bruner)
Galeatus scitulus Drake & Maa
Leptodictya sinaloana Drake
Phatnoma annulipes (Champion)
Tingis reticulata (Herrich-Schaeffer)

* Most interceptions of Galeatus scrophicus were previously misidentified as G. scitulus.