Sticherus flabellatus

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Name and publication

Sticherus flabellatus (R.Br.) H. St. John, Occ. Pap. Bishop Mus. 17: 81 (1942).


Fronds of the shiny fan fern or umbrella fern are rarely encountered in imported potpourri and then only as a “topper” in high-end potpourri. The fronds are dark green above, paler below, to 50-150 cm long, forked and bipinnately divided into many rounded segments attached by their broad bases to the midrib, forming an umbrella. The ultimate segments (pinnnules) are linear, 2-3 cm long x 1-3 mm wide. Usually, this is used in potpourri as pinnae about 3-17 cm long, and the branched nature of the whole frond is not obvious.

Nativity and distribution

Sticherus flabellatus is native to Australia.




Gleichenia flabellata R.Br.