Pandanus tectorius

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Name and publication

Pandanus tectorius Parkinson, J. voy. South Seas 46 (1773).


Segments of the fruits of the textile screw-pine are known as “kiya pods” in the potpourri trade. The whole fruit is a pineapple-like, ovoid cluster up to 25 cm in diameter, comprising up to about 50 closely-packed segments. The fruit disintegrates upon maturity to release separate segments, the so-called “kiya pods.” These individual segments are 4-6 cm long x 2.5-5 cm wide across the top with a constricted, fibrous base. The segments consist of about 8 closely packed carpels and have a convex outer surface with a prominent gray, pointed tip.

Nativity and distribution

Pandanus tectorius is native to Asia and Oceania.