Kielmeyera lathrophyton

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Name and publication

Kielmeyera lathrophyton Saddi, Kew Bull. 42(2): 225 (1987).


Fruit segments of pau-santo-da-serra are known as “estrela pods”or “estral” in the potpourri trade. Capsules are trigonous, glabrous, and deshiscent, 9-18 cm long x 3.5-4 cm wide. The exterior of the three segments/capsule are dark brown (in the native state), with a heavy rib and wide, undulate edges; the interior is beige and reddish-brown (in the native state), wavy with a central furrow. The overall appearance of a segment is that of a tongue (ligulate).

Nativity and distribution

Kielmeyera lathrophyton is native to Brazil.


Clusiaceae (alt. Guttiferae)