Isoberlinia angolensis

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Name and publication

Isoberlinia angolensis (Welw. ex Benth.) Hoyle & Brenan, Kew Bull. 4(1): 78 (1949).


Sold as “suru pods” or “curve pods” in the potpourri trade, these fruits are probably a species of Isoberlinia, and I. angolensis closely matches. The woody, coiled pods, usually bleached and/or dyed for the trade, show spaces for 3-9 seeds on the interior, with anastomosing striae on the exterior. Flattened, they would be about 10-18 cm long x 3-4 cm wide.

Nativity and distribution

Isoberlinia angolensis is native to Africa (Angola, Malawi, Sudan, United Republic of Tanzania, Zambia).


Fabaceae (alt. Leguminosae), also placed in Caesalpiniaceae


Berlinia angolensis Welw. ex Benth.