Glochidion ferdinandi

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Name and publication

Glochidion ferdinandi (Müll. Arg.) F. M. Bailey, Queensland Fl 5 (1902).


A number of Glochidion species closely resemble G. ferdinandi (e.g., G. rubrum Blume of Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines) and may be substituted, depending upon the availability; these are difficult to identify as to species. The fruits of what appear to be G. ferdinandi, cheese tree, are sold as “putka pods” in the potpourri trade. Resembling tiny pumpkins or tiny Edam cheeses, and often dyed to enhance this similarity, the capsules are globular and flattened, green to red (in the fresh state), 1-2 cm across, with 5-7 cells and furrows between them. The cells open up to reveal a pair of flattened seeds, 4-5 mm diameter, covered by a red skin.

Nativity and distribution

Glochidion ferdinandi is native to Australia.




Phyllanthus ferdinandi Müll. Arg.