Gleichenia dicarpa

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Name and publication

Gleichenia dicarpa R.Br., Prod. Fl. N. Holl. 161 (1800).


Fronds of the pouched coral fern are dull-green, up to 2 m long x 9 cm wide, forked several times and bipinnately divided into many rounded segments attached by their broad bases to the hairy midrib. The individual segments (pinnnules) are 1-2 mm long; fertile leaves may be divided further, with segments 1-1.5 mm long and margins curled under to form pouches with sporangia. Usually, this is used in potpourri as pinnae about 4-10 cm long, and the branched nature of the whole frond is not obvious.

Nativity and distribution

Gleichenia dicarpa is native to Australia and New Caledonia.