Davallia solida

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Name and publication

Davallia solida (G. Forst.) Sw., J. Bot. (Schrader) 1800(2): 87 (1801).


The leather fern is occasionally encountered in higher end potpourris. Pieces of the fronds are somewhat leathery and deep green (in the native state). This is compound, bipinnate or tripinnate towards the base and in the middle part, deltoid and broadest towards the base, glabrous, 15-10 cm long x 21-40 cm wide (when whole). The longest pinnules are 4-10 cm x 1.5-8 cm. Ultimate leaflets linear oblong or rhomboid, lobed almost to the midrib or only shallowly lobed, 10-140 mm long x 3-17 mm wide.

Nativity and distribution

Davallia solida is native to Asia but naturalized throughout the tropics, epiphytic or epilithic, from savannas to rain forest, or as a terrestrial fern, often in lava flows. It is widely cultivated, even as a houseplant where it is not hardy.