Consolida ajacis

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Name and publication

Consolida ajacis (L.) Schur, Verh. Mitth. Siebenb├╝rg. Vereins Naturwiss. Hermannstadt 4: 47 (1853) [published as ajacei, usually interpreted as a typographical error].


The flowers of rocket larkspur, singly or left in the inflorescence, are used in potpourri in their natural colors of violet and pink. Flowers are 2.5-4 cm across at expansion, the parts broad and nearly or quite obtuse, the upwardly-curving spur about as long as the remainder of the flower.

Nativity and distribution

Consolida ajacis is native from Southwestern Europe to Western Asia but is widely naturalized and cultivated as an ornamental in temperate gardens.




Delphinium ajacis L.