Cocos nucifera

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Name and publication

Cocos nucifera L., Sp. Pl. 2: 1188 (1753).


The coconut is commonly present in several forms in potpourri. The chunks of the nut exocarp/mesocarp are sold as “coco slices” (1-5 cm long), curls from the exocarp/mesocarp are sold as “coco curls” (5-15 cm long), the bracts are sold as “coco flowers” (3-6 cm in diameter) or, separate bracts, as “coco petals” (1-6 cm long), and the immature fruits are sold as “coco fruit” (3-4 cm in diameter).

Nativity and distribution

Cocos nucifera is native to the Old World Tropics but is now cultivated worldwide as a source of beverage, nut, oil/fat, fodder, fiber, and wood.


Arecaceae (alt. Palmae)