About This Tool


The authors would like to thank the numerous individuals who offered support, advice, and content to contribute to the success of this tool, including Mr. Randy Cirulino, Ms. Frances Cook, Dr. Maria Lucia Kawasaki, Ms. Colleen Kitzmiller, Mr. Jimmy Kroon, Dr. Faith Kuehn, Dr. Robert Naczi, Ms. Ruth Smith, and Dr. Terrence Walters.

Thanks to Dr. Robert Adams, who identified the Asian juniper.

Dr. Indira Singh provided a number of images for the tool.

The Lebermuth Company (www.lebermuth.com) provided a number of images for the tool.

Lyndon Photography provided a number of images for this tool.

Special thanks are extended to Christina Southwick, who spent many hours taking and processing images for this tool. Additional thanks to Shaun Geisert for the initial development of the web-site framework.