Hispines of the World


Pseudocallispa Uhmann 1930-1932: 6





Type Species


Pseudocallispa schultzei Uhmann.



Pseudocallispa can be distinguished by the following combination of characters:

  • body oval, convex
  • lateral margin of pronotum and elytra without long, stiff spines
  • pronotum with seta in each posterior angle, anterior angle distinctly rounded
  • elytra with scutellar row of punctures
  • antennomere 3 not 3x length of 2
  • tarsomere 2 not concealed by setae of tarsomere 3
  • head with quadrate projection between antennae
  • lateral and apical margins of elytra laminate



Oval; convex; shining; head and antennae black, pronotum reddish, elytra metallic blue.

Head: with large quadrate projection between antennae; vertex sparsely punctate; constricted behind eyes; labrum large; mandible hidden.

Antenna: quadrate; male with antennomere 1 large, incrassate; 2 transverse, very short; 3 to 5 with strong tooth on inner apical angle; 6 to 8 transverse; 9 and 10 nearly transverse; 11 elongate, pointed at apex. Female with antennomere 1 2x wide as long, narrowing apically; 2 quadrate, short; 3 subequal in length to 1, cylindrical; 4 short; 5 to 8 transverse; 9 and 10 nearly transverse; 11 elongate, pointed at apex.

Pronotum: quadrate; much narrower than base of elytra; lateral margin rounded, converging from base to apex; anterior angle with acute tooth; anterior margin curved; posterior margin bisinuate; posterior angle acute; surface irregularly punctate.

Scutellum: semicircular; impunctate.

Elytron: convex; depressed along suture; apex rounded; punctures in more or less regular rows, more irregular laterally, scutellar row absent.

Venter: shining; prosternum strongly punctate laterally; mesosternum large, quadrate, with swelling near apex; metasternum with 2 diagonal carinae.




World Fauna


Described species: 1- Pseudocallispa schultzei Uhmann (Staines 2012).






Staines, C. L. 2012. Tribe Callispini. Catalog of the hispines of the world (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae: Cassidinae). http://entomology.si.edu/Collections_Coleoptera.html

Uhmann, E. 1930-1932. Philippinische Hispinen aus W. Schultzes Sammlung nebst Arten anderer Forscher. Neue Beiträge Zur Systematischen Insektenkunde 4:252-254; 5:1-15; 6:34-48; 6:49-61.


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