Hispines of the World


Platyauchenia Sturm 1843: 358





Type Species


Cassida latreillei Castelnau (=Platyauchenia limbata Sturm).



Platyauchenia can be distinguished by following combination of characters:

  • the lateral margin of the pronotum and the elytra lacking long, stiff spines
  • the head lacking a frontal horn
  • the pronotum having a tuft of setae in each angle
  • the filiform antennae having 11-antennomeres
  • the elytral punctures not being in regular rows
  • the elytra lacking costae
  • the pronotum being nearly as wide as the base of the pronotum
  • the body being elongate



Head: clypeus transverse, deeply sulcate; maxillary palps with 4 palpomeres, palpomeres 1 to 3 short, equal in length and width, cylindrical, 4 large, rounded, truncate.

Antenna: filiform, apical antennomere widest; with 11-antennomeres.

Pronotum: nearly as wide as base of elytra, widest at base, narrowing anteriorly; lateral margin evenly arcuate from base to apex; disc highly convex, depressed laterally on each side of disc; basal and anterior margins bisinuate; with tuft of setae in each angle.

Scutellum: triangular, rounded at apex.

Elytron: convex; punctate, punctures not in regular rows; no costae; widest in middle, narrowing anteriorly and posteriorly; margined laterally.




World Fauna


Number of species: 2. Key to the species: Staines (2007).



Cocos nucifera L., Diplothemium sp. (Arecaceae) (Maulik 1933, 1940; Bondar 1924). Maulik (1933, 1937) incorrectly listed the host plant as Theobroma cacao L. (Maulik 1940).



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