Hispines of the World


Phidodonta Weise 1904a: 404




Phidodonta Weise (misspelling).

Pleruispella Uhmann 1931g: 159.

Type Species


Phidodonta modesta Weise.



Phidodonta can be distinguished by the following combination of characters:

  • lateral margin of pronotum and elytra with long, stiff spines
  • body sparsely setose
  • antennae with 11-antennomeres, antennomere 1 with long spine
  • pronotum with anterior margin without spines, lateral margin with 3 (1+1+1) or 6 spines [(3)+1+1+1]
  • tarsal claws totally fused, pointed



Body small; elongate; subparallel; subconvex; color black; total length 2.6 to 5.0 mm.

Head: large; convex; vertex punctate to rugose; eye large, convex.

Antenna: reaches to humerus; thickening apically; with 11-antennomeres; antennomere 1 incrassate, with long spine; 2 to 6 sulcate with scattered setae; 7 to 11 pubescent.

Pronotum: quadrate; lateral margin rounded, with 3 (1+1+1) or 6 spines [(3)+1+1+1]; anterior angle rounded; anterior margin curved forward, without spines; posterior angle acute; posterior margin bisinuate; surface rugose with faint longitudinal medial sulcus.

Scutellum: cordate.

Elytron: lateral margin straight, serrate; exterior apical angle rounded, serrate; apical margin rounded with 4 or 5 large spines; humerus rounded; with 8 irregular rows of punctures; surface glabrous.

Leg: femur stout; mesotibiae curved; tarsal fused, pointed at apex



Congo, India, Ivory Coast, Mozambique, Pakistan, Rwanda, Zimbabwe.

World Fauna


Described species: 3 (Staines 2012). Key: Uhmann 1954h.



Andropogon, Avena, Oryza, Saccharum, Sorghum (Poaceae).



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