Hispines of the World


Leucispa Chapuis 1875: 266





Type Species


Eurispa odewahnii Baly.



Leucispa can be distinguished by the following combination of characters:

  • the lateral margins of the pronotum and the elytra without long, stiff spines
  • the head without a frontal horn, with tubercles at antennal bases
  • the pronotum with a seta in each anterior and posterior angle
  • the apex of the elytra without a tooth-like projection, scutellar row present
  • the prosternum does not expand anteriorly to partly cover the mouth
  • tarsal claws absent



Body cylindrical, narrowing basally and apically; yellowish-brown, head, eyes, antennae, legs, and venter black; pronotum with longitudinal black medial vitta.

Head: vertex broad, densely punctate; prolonged in front of eyes, ends in two tubercles on which are the antenna; mandibles thick, bidentate, with setae; maxillary palps subclaviform; labial palps small, subglobose; eye rounded.

Antenna: 1/3 body length; with 10-antennomeres, filiform; antennomere 1 cylindrical, thick; 2 2x length of 1; 3 to 9 subequal in length, each shorter than 2; 10 rounded at apex; punctate, each puncture with short whitish scale.

Pronotum: cylindrical; lateral margin straight, obsolete; anterior and posterior angles rounded; posterior margin bisinuate; surface densely punctate, each puncture with short whitish scale.

Scutellum: oblong, dilated apically.

Elytron: apex with elongate pointed projection; regularly punctate-striate, each puncture with short whitish scale; with 4 costae.

Venter: prosternum large, dilated apically, base truncate; mesosternum transverse.

Leg: short; femur without tooth; tibia with spine-like projection at apex; tarsal claws absent.




World Fauna


Described species: 1- Leucispa odewahnii (Baly) (Staines 2012).






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Staines, C. L. 2012. Tribe Eurispini. Catalog of the hispines of the world (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae: Cassidinae). http://entomology.si.edu/Collections_Coleoptera.html


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