Hispines of the World


Glyphuroplata Uhmann 1937f: 453





Type Species


Hispa pluto Newman.



Glyphuroplata can be distinguished by the following combination of characters:

  • the lateral margins of the pronotum and the elytra without long, stiff spines
  • the head without a frontal horn, vertex with 3 sulci
  • the pronotum with a seta in each anterior angle
  • the apex of the elytra without a tooth-like projection
  • the elytra with 8 or 9 rows of punctures at base (may expand to 10 rows apically) and 3 regular costae
  • the antennae thickened at apex, not clavate, with 8-antennomeres, last antennomere not acutely pointed at apex
  • the prosternum does not expand anteriorly to partly cover the mouth
  • leg with mesotibia with tooth at apex



Small, coarsely punctate.

Head: vertex trisulcate.

Antenna: with 8‑antennomeres, gradually broadening apically.

Elytron: with 8 or 9 rows of punctures at base, at apical 1/3 may be 10 rows; punctures between rows 4 and 6 may be confused or expanded to 3 or 4 short rows; tricostate.

Leg: mesotibia with blunt inward projecting tooth at apex; no distinct tooth before each tarsal claw.



Canada, Costa Rica, United States.

World Fauna


Described species: 5 (Staines 2012). Key: Riley (1985); Staines (2006b).



Andropogon, Eriochloa, Panicum, Valota (Poaceae); Mimosa (Fabaceae).



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