Hispines of the World


Cryptonychus (Cryptonychellus) Weise 1910c: 240





Type Species


Cryptonychus angusticeps Gestro.



Cryptonychus (Cryptonychellus) can be distinguished by the following combination of characters:

  • lateral margin of pronotum and elytra without long, stiff spines
  • head with small frontal horn between antennae, labrum with tuft of setae on each side
  • antennae with 11-antennomeres, apical 5 antennomeres thickened, antennomere 1 short, thick, without spine-like process
  • pronotum with seta in each anterior angle
  • elytra with more than 8 rows of punctures basally plus scutellar row and 10 rows apically, non-costate



Body wide; subparallel; subdepressed; color reddish-brown with black markings; total length 8 to 10.0 mm.

Head: short, wide; frontal horn slender, flat; labrum with tufts of setae on each side; maxillary palps with palpomere 1 short, 2 and 3 obconic, nearly subequal in length, 4 longer, acuminate; eye large, convex.

Antenna: robust; thickening apically; as long as head and pronotum combined; with 11-antennomeres; antennomere 1 short, incrassate; 2 short, obconic; 3 oblong; 4 to 10 subequal in length; 11 longer than 10, pointed at apex.

Pronotum: transverse; lateral margin straight, convergent; anterior angle oblique, with seta; anterior margin straight; posterior angle acute; posterior margin bisinuate; surface lightly punctate.

Scutellum: cordate.

Elytron: lateral margin straight, smooth; exterior apical angle and apical margin rounded; humerus rounded, not produced; with 8 rows of punctures basally plus scutellar row, additional rows apically; non-costate.

Leg: short; robust; femur thickened; tibia expanding apically, obliquely truncate at apex.



Cameroon, Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Nigeria, Rhodesia, South Africa, Uganda.

World Fauna


Described species: 5 (Staines 2012). Key: none.



Cocos, Elaeis (Arecaceae).



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Weise, J. 1910c. Chrysomelidae und Coccinellidae. Wissenschaftliche Ergebnisse der Schwedischen zoologischen Expedition nach dem Kilimandharo, dem Meru und den umgebenden Massaisteppen Deutsch-Ostafrikas 1905-1906 1(7):153-266.


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