Hispines of the World


Cladispa Baly 1858: 22





Type Species


Cladispa quadrimaculata Baly.



Cladispa can be distinguished by the following combination of characters:

  • the lateral margins of the pronotum and the elytra without long, stiff spines
  • the head without a frontal horn; mouthparts not projecting forward
  • the pronotum with a seta in each anterior angle, with transverse sulcus
  • the apex of the elytra without a tooth-like projection
  • the elytra without costae, rounded
  • the antennae with 11-antennomeres, antennomeres 1-10 pectinate (comb-like)



Body broadly oval; flattened.

Head: short; vertex punctate; frons vertical; eye oval; maxillary palp with palpomere 2 almost as long as other three combined; clypeus with margin evenly arcuate.

Antenna: with 11-antennomeres, 1/2 body length; antennomeres 1 to 10 pectinate (comb-like) in both sexes; 2 to 5 wider than 1; antennomere 1 thicker than 2 or 3, cylindrical; 2 and 3 compressed laterally; apical 6 antennomeres slender and short, gradually decreasing in thickness.

Pronotum: at midline wider than long, convex; disc impunctate; lateral margin parallel for basal 3/4s, then sharply convergent, punctate, and margined laterally; basal margin bisinuate; basal impression present, defined by a transverse sulcus; anterior margin slightly emarginate.

Scutellum: short, almost pentagonal; impunctate.

Elytron: slightly wider than pronotum; with 10 rows of shallow punctures; margined laterally.

Venter: smooth; with 4 visible abdominal sterna.

Leg: tibia emarginate on outer surface, concave enough to cover tarsi; tarsomere 4 does not project beyond lobes of 3.



French Guyana, Guyana.

World Fauna


Described species: 1- Cladispa quadrimaculata Baly (Staines 2012).



Cyrtopodium (Orchidaceae).



Baly, J. S. 1858. Catalogue of Hispidae in the collection of the BritishMuseum. London, 172 pp.

Staines, C. L. 2012. Tribe Imatidiini. Catalog of the hispines of the world (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae: Cassidinae). http://entomology.si.edu/Collections_Coleoptera.html


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