Hispines of the World


Aspidispa Baly 1869b: 378





Type Species


Aspidispa basalis Baly.



Aspidispa can be distinguished by the following combination of characters:

  • lateral margin of pronotum and elytra without long, stiff spines
  • body broad
  • head without frontal horn between antennae, clypeus well-developed
  • pronotum with seta in each posterior angle, narrower than base of elytra
  • elytra without scutellar row of punctures, widest near middle, humerus rounded, with 8 rows of punctures, tricostate
  • tarsi with 2 claws



Convex; widest near middle of elytra, narrower at base and apex; color yellow to brown, often with dark markings; total length 3.2 to 6.5 mm.

Head: obtuse; with large carina between antennal bases; clypeus well-developed.

Antenna: filiform; ½ body length; with 11-antennomeres; antennomeres 1 and 2 ovate, subequal in length; 3 longest; 11 pointed at apex.

Pronotum: transverse; lateral margin sinuate, rounded, some species serrate; anterior angle rounded; anterior margin straight; posterior angle acute; posterior margin bisinuate; convex; surface punctate.

Scutellum: quadrate; rounded at apex.

Elytron: lateral margin expanding until just after middle, then rounding to apex; apical margin rounded, serrate; humerus rounded; with 8 rows of punctures; tricostate, costae 1 and 2 interrupted, 3 complete.

Leg: short; robust; tarsi with 2 claws.



Bismark Islands, Moluccas, New Guinea.

World Fauna


Described species: 22 (Staines 2012). Key: Gestro 1890, Uhmann 1955a, Gressitt 1957b, 1960a, 1963.



Calamus (Araceae); Daemonorops, Korthalsia, Pinanga (Arecaceae); Flagellaria (Flagellariaceae).



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