Hispines of the World


Amblispa Baly 1858: 10





Type Species


Amblispa dohrni Baly.



Amblispa can be distinguished by the following combination of characters:

  • body convex, parallel-sided
  • lateral margin of pronotum and elytra without long, stiff spines
  • pronotum with seta in each posterior angle, anterior angle distinctly rounded
  • elytra with scutellar row of punctures
  • antennomere 3 not 3x length of 2
  • tarsomere 2 not concealed by setae of tarsomere 3
  • head with triangular projection between antennae, eyes small, flat
  • pronotum without lateral depressions
  • suture between abdominal sterna 1 and 2 complete



Body elongate; parallel-sided; color blue, blue-black or black with greenish tinge, pronotum may be reddish; 5 to 6 mm.

Head: convex; small triangular projection present between antennal bases; eye small, slightly convex; mandible elongate-triangular, dentate; labrum transverse, truncate, with medial carina; maxillary palps with palpomere 1 short, 2 oblong, 3 obconic, short, 4 oval, subequal in length to 2; frons not projecting.

Antenna: reaches to base of pronotum; filiform; antennomere 1 short, oval; 2 slightly longer than 1; 3 obconic, longest; 4 to 10 decreasing in length; 11 longer than 10, pointed at apex.

Pronotum: subquadrate; lateral margin convergent from base to apex, narrowly margined; anterior angle obtuse; anterior margin slightly rounded medially, sinuate behind eye; posterior margin bisinuate; posterior angle acute; surface irregularly punctate, without lateral depressions.

Scutellum: small; pentagonal.

Elytron: lateral margin straight, smooth; exterior apical angle rounded; apex rounded; sutural angle without tooth; humerus rounded; surface regularly punctate-striate, scutellar row absent; no costae.

Venter: suture between abdominal sterna 1 and 2 complete.

Leg: short; robust; apex of tibia truncate.



Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka.

World Fauna


Described species: 2 (Staines 2012). Key: Maulik 1919.






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