Species name

Diabrotica semiflava Jacoby 1887: 523


Type locality

Panama, Volcan de Chiriqui


Type depository

BMNH, lectotype, female, verified



Body length 4.5-4.6 mm. Body width 2.3-2.5 mm. Head basic color black. Antennae filiform, uniformly yellow ocher. Maxillary palpi yellow, labrum black. Pronotum yellow or mustard yellow, subquadrate, weakly bifoveate, with wide shallow foveae, not shagreened. Scutellum black. Elytra green, with two humeral and one sutural black small maculae (around scutellum) and two transverse black maculae behind the middle of elytra. Elytral epipleura completely green, sutural angle of elytra round, punctation scattered, fine. Abdomen yellow. Tarsi yellow, tibia bicolored, yellow, outer edge with piceous or testaceous line, or extensively darkened. Femora pale olivine.


Known distribution



Host plants