Species name

Diabrotica relicta Suffrian 1867: 310


Type locality

Insel Cuba [from title of work]


Type depository

ESUH, lectotype, male, verified



Body length 5.5-6.6 mm. Body width 2.9-3.2 mm. Head basic color black. Antennae filiform, bi- or tricolored, antennomeres 1-3 pale olivine, antennomeres 4-8 gradually infuscated, antennomeres 9-10 sulphur yellow, antennomere 11 cinnamon brown. Maxillary palpi black or amber brown, labrum black. Pronotum yellow or mustard yellow, subquadrate, nonfoveate, shagreened with minute wrinkles. Scutellum black. Elytra yellow or rufous, maculate, with five black or amber brown spots on each elytron, one humeral, one around scutellum, one in the middle and two behind middle. Elytral epipleura completely yellow, sutural angle of elytra round, punctation scattered, fine. Abdomen yellow. Tarsi and tibiae black, femora yellow or yellow ocher. Aedeagus symmetric, with four internal sac sclerites.


Known distribution



Host plants



Potential problems with identification

Diabrotica relicta Suffrian is very similar to D. undecimpunctata tenella LeConte and D. venancia Bechyné. Internal sac of aedeagus allows distinguishing these species with confidence.