Species name

Diabrotica regalis Baly 1859: 270


Type locality



Type depository

BMNH, holotype, female, verified



Body length 9.9-10.5 mm. Body width 5.7-6.1 mm. Head basic color black. Antennae filiform, bi- or tricolored, antennomeres 1-3 yellow, upper sides darkened, antennomeres 4-8 brussels brown, antennomeres 9-10 yellow ocher, antennomere 11 dark apically. Maxillary palpi black or piceous, labrum black. Pronotum yellow or mustard yellow, transverse, nonfoveate, not shagreened. Scutellum black. Elytra yellow or rufous, elytral disc black, with five yellow maculae on each elytron: two maculae at the base, two - in the middle and one - at the apex. Elytral epipleura completely yellow, sutural angle of elytra obtuse-angled, punctation dense, fine. Abdomen yellow or yellow ocher. Tarsi black or piceous, tibiae black, femora yellow or yellow ocher. Aedeagus symmetric, with five internal sac sclerites.


Known distribution

Guatemala, Panama, Colombia, Brazil, French Guiana


Host plants