Species name

Diabrotica impressipennis Jacoby 1887: 531


Type locality

Volcan de Chiriqui, Panama


Type depository

BMNH, lectotype, female, verified



Body length 6.8-8.3 mm. Body width 3.2-3.7 mm. Head basic color orange or rufous. Antennae filiform, bi- or tricolored, antennomeres 1-3 uniformly yellow, antennomeres 4-8 gradually infuscated, antennomeres 9-10 light cadmium, antennomere 11 brussels brown. Maxillary palpi black, chestnut or yellow ocher, labrum black, chestnut or amber brown. Pronotum ochraceous orange, amber brown, chestnut, red or rufous, quadrate, deeply bifoveate, shagreened with minute wrinkles. Scutellum black, orange rufous or amber brown. Elytra uniformly paris green or yellow ocher. Elytral epipleura completely yellow or completely green, surface not sulcate, transversely depressed before and behind the middle, the intervening space at sides with a semilunate depression. Sutural angle of elytra dentiform, punctation dense, fine. Abdomen yellow, yellow ocher or chestnut. Tarsi black or amber brown, tibiae uniform black or chestnut. Femora uniform yellow, yellow ocher or paris green. Aedeagus symmetric, with four internal sac sclerites.


Known distribution



Host plants