Species name

Diabrotica dissimilis Jacoby 1887: 531


Type locality



Type depository

BMNH, lectotype, female, verified



tenella Baly 1865: 348 (type locality: Mexico; type depository: BMNH, lectotype, female, verified)

prasinomarginata Baly 1890: 71 (type locality: Colombia; type depository: BMNH, holotype, female, verified)



Body length 6.3-7.9 mm. Body width 3.0-4.2 mm. Head basic color green. Antenna filiform, antennomeres 1-7 yellow, 8-11 cinnamon brown. Maxillary palpi yellow or yellow ocher, labrum yellow ocher. Pronotum green or deep malachite green, subquadrate, bifoveate, with small round foveae, shagreened with microsculpture narrow, long meshes only basally. Scutellum black or olive. Elytra deep malachite green. Elytral epipleura completely green. Sutural angle of elytra dentiform, punctation dense, coarse. Abdomen yellow or yellow ocher. Legs yellow or yellow ocher. Aedeagus asymmetric, with five internal sac sclerites.


Known distribution

Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia


Host plants




Diabrotica dissimilis Jacoby is a replacement name for D. tenella Baly (1865: 348) wich is preoccupied by tenella LeConte (1858: 88)