Scientific name

Barclaya Wallich



Similar genera

Aponogeton, Cryptocoryne

Native distribution

tropical Southeast Asia

Species cultivated

Barclaya longifolia Wall.

Adventive distribution


Weed status

not weedy


submersed plant (no emersed leaves) with tuberous corm or slender rhizome

Brief description

Perennial. Stem a corm or elongate rhizome. Leaves in rosettes along rhizome, petiolate; leaf blade oblong (orbicular in B. motleyi Hook. f.), red-brownish or green; margin entire, undulate. Flower borne on elongate petiole, either open and emergent or remaining submersed and closed; sepals 5; petals 8-10, red. Fruit contains numerous spiked orbicular seeds. Dispersal primarily by seed. Plant undergoes periodic resting stages.

Natural habitat

ponds and streams

Additional comments

Barclaya contains just two species. Barclaya longifolia is well established in the aquarium hobby and readily propogates by seed. Barclaya motleyi Hook.f. is much more demanding and is not cultivated for aquaria.