Scientific name

Piptospatha N.E.Br.



Native distribution

southern Thailand to West Malesia; some species are endemic to Borneo

Species cultivated

Piptospatha species are not frequently available, but may be acquired through trade with other hobbyists or from specialized aquarium stores

Adventive distribution

information not available

Weed status

information not available


obligate or facultative rheophytes, occasionally lithophytic

Brief description

Small to medium aroid. Stem erect or decumbent, typically condensed. Leaves basal; petiole ± round to longitudinally grooved on upper side, sheath short with long ligule; leaf blade elongate-lanceolate to elliptical, or oblanceolate; apex with tubular mucro; base cuneate; venation pinnate with distinct marginal vein. Inflorescence an axillary spathe and spadix, usually nodding; peduncle subequal or longer than petiole; spathe stoutly ellipsoid, not constricted, typically pink; spadix sessile, inserted obliquely, often with sterile flowers at extreme base. Infructescence a cluster of berries, subtended by obconic spathe base; berry obovoid, small, green.

Natural habitat

along streams and by waterfalls in lowland to lower montane rainforest areas

Additional comments

A genus of about 15 species that tolerate periodic submersion but are not considered true aquatics.