Scientific name

Montrichardia Crueg.

Common names

Yautia madera, Moco-Moco, arum lily



Native distribution

tropical South America

Species cultivated

Montrichardia arborescens (L.) Schott

M. linifera (Arruda) Schott

Adventive distribution

information not available

Weed status

not weedy


tall, erect, shrub-like herb that forms dense stands

Brief description

Slender tree-like aroid. Rhizomes submerged. Stems erect, tall, often swollen at base, sometimes with short spines. Leaves concentrated at apex; petiole long, sheath persistent, ending in a ligule-like point; leaf blade about equal to petiole, sagittate with equal lateral and middle lobes; apex acute; base sagittate; margin entire to undulate; venation palmate. Inflorescence axillary in leaf sheaths; spathe base convolute, deciduous, base green, interior whitish; spadix about equal to spathe, cylindrical. Fruits large, spongy berries on infructescences.

Natural habitat

along river banks, swamps, or creeks

Additional comments

Montrichardia comprises two species that are used in folk medicine, have berries that are eaten, and are cultivated for decoration.