Scientific name

Aridarum Ridl.



Native distribution

endemic to Borneo

Species cultivated

(plus numerous cultivated varieties)

Aridarum spp.

Aridarum burttii Bogner & Nicolson may be acquired through trade among hobbyists, but is not frequently available.

Adventive distribution


Weed status

not weedy


rheophytic herb that tolerates submersion for extended periods

Brief description

Small aroid herb. Stem suberect, compact. Leaves numerous; petiolate with base sheathed, wings extended into a narrowly triangular ligule; leaf blade narrowly elliptic to elliptic, upper surface glossy dark green, paler below; apex acute, base attenuate; venation pinnate with prominent midrib. Inflorescence axillary, spathe and spadix; peduncle exceeding petioles; spathe broadly ovate, extreme base green, the rest white. Flowers small, perianth absent, unisexual; berries globular.

Natural habitat

on rocks in streams and by waterfalls, occasionally terrestrial in forest

Additional comments

A relatively new addition to the trade and rarely cultivated. Resembling Bucephalandra and Ooia, it is another rainforest plant that tolerates extended periods of submersion as a riparian lithophyte.