Scientific name

Triglochin L.

Common names

water ribbon



Could be confused with

Crinum, Eleocharis, Isoetes, Philydrum, Vallisneria, Xyris

Native distribution


Species commonly cultivated

Triglochin procerum R. Br. (southern Australia)

Adventive distribution


Weed status

not weedy


submersed, floating, attached rosette plant

Brief description

Perennial. Stem compact, attached to submerged substrate. Root tubers present. Leaves in a rosette, ribbon-like, spongy at least basally; margin entire. Inflorescence an elongate spike. Perianth segments 6, concave, inconspicuous; stigmas plumose. Dispersal by seed.

Natural habitat

streams, rivers, and swamps

Additional comments

A cosmopolitan genus with around 30 species, of which about ten are aquatic. Triglochin dubium R. Br., from northern Australia, has narrower leaves than T. procerum and is not cultivated for aquaria or ponds. Triglochin microtuberosum Aston and T. multifructum Aston were formerly included in T. procerum R. Br.