Scientific name

Shinnersia R.M. King & H. Rob.

Common names

Mexican oakleaf



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Native distribution


Species commonly cultivated

Shinnersia rivularis (A. Gray) R.M. King & H. Rob. (Mexico)

Adventive distribution

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Weed status

information not available

Brief description

Annual or perennial. Stems creeping or ascending, branching regularly. Leaves opposite, decussate, sessile, oblanceolate, entire or with 3- to 5-lobed lacerations. Inflorescence terminal, a hemispherical head, solitary or rarely paired; peduncle up to +/- 8 cm long; florets 90-100 per head. Calyx lacking pappus; corolla tubular, 5-lobed, white. Dispersal by stem fragments or achene.

Natural habitat

shallow water and wet ground

Additional comments

originally placed in the genus Trichocoronis A. Gray, but separated based on floral characters into the monotypic genus Shinnersia