Scientific name

Littorella P.J. Bergius

Common names




Could be confused with

Isoetes, Lilaeopsis. Lobelia, Sagittaria

Native distribution

North America, Europe, South America

Species commonly cultivated

Littorella americana Fernald

L. uniflora (L.) Asch. (Europe)

Adventive distribution

information not available

Weed status

information not available


small emergent or littoral, mat-forming plant

Brief description

Perennial, stoloniferous, forming dense mats. Leaves in a basal rosette; leaf blade linear, subcylindrical to flattened. Flowers inconspicuous, +/- 4 mm in diameter, actinomorphic, unisexual; male flowers solitary, pedicellate; female flowers in few-flowered spike. Sepals 4; petals 4, fused at base, scarious. Fruit a hard nut. Dispersal of nuts unknown.

Natural habitat

littoral areas of still or running waters