Scientific name

Cardamine L.

Common names



Brassicaceae (Cruciferae)

Could be confused with

Hydrocotyle, Lindernia, Rorippa

Native distribution


Species commonly cultivated

Cardamine lyrata Bunge (China, Siberia, Japan)

Adventive distribution


Weed status

information not available


submersed, emergent creeping stem plant

Brief description

Annual or perennial. Slender creeping stem, rooted at all nodes, branching regularly. Leaves alternate, short-petiolate, cordate to reniform to rarely pinnate with large terminal lobe, light green. Inflorescence a raceme with 10-30 pedicellate, white to yellow flowers. Sepals 4, green; petals 4, white. Dispersal by numerous seeds.

Natural habitat

submersed in clear streams and emergent around ponds, springs, lakes, and rivers

Additional comments

a large cosmopolitan genus with a single species, C. lyrata, cultivated for aquaria